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What We Grow                                                

Other crops we grow

We grow Kiowa Blackberries.

The Kiowa variety is the largest of the southern blackberries. Type - Thorny, erect. Date of Release - 1996; plant patent #9861. Fruit Size - Largest of the Southern varieties; averaging 11 grams/berry, with some berries up to 13 grams.
Flavor/Sweetness - Good, soluble solids (percent sugar) averages 10 percent.
Yield - High. Maturity Date - Ripens beginning approximately mid-May well into June, and fruiting extends for six weeks, the longest fruiting of the Southern varieties.

Comments - Storage and handling potential very good, among the best of the thorny varieties.


We grow two varieties of asparagus on our farm.

Jersey Knight will grow taller and still keep a tight head in our warm spring weather.
Jersey Giant has to be picked shorter for the heads to remain tight, but will out produce the Jersey Knight 2 to 1. Contrary to popular belief, jumbo asparagus is just as tender as standard or pencil size.

It’s asparagus picking time!
Asparagus is our first crop of the season

For the most mouth-watering fresh asparagus,
come to B&G’s garden at Fort Worth Farmers Market

Since B&G’s is a working farm. Call for availability, hours and details.

As other crops become available, they will be posted on our calendar page.


In addition to our specialty crops of Asparagus and Blackberries, we have a large variety of the freshest and highest quality produce grown in Parker County.

You can have the pleasure of a home garden without the hassle and work by buying your own produce at B and G’s Garden. B and G’s is just a short and easy drive from Fort Worth. short and easy drive

B and G’s e-news lets you know when each crop is ready for ordering. Nothing beats the flavor of fresh picked produce! Sign up now!



Other crops we grow:

  Herbs – Basil, Garlic Chives, Rosemary, Sage

  Beets - Warrior
  Turnips and Greens
  Green Beans – Maxibel and Kentucky Wonder
  Peas – Blackeyes
  Cucumbers – Sassy and Indy
  Squash – Tiger, Conqueror III, yellow

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